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Cape Bouqcakes Designer Wedding Cakes Cape Town Cape Bouqcakes Designer Wedding Cakes Cape Town


Cape Bouqcakes Designer Wedding Cakes Cape TownCape Bouqcakes originated in Cape Town in early 2019, set up by Natasha O’Driscoll with the goal of bringing art to cake for the weddings.

Initially Natasha started out as most small businesses do prior to establishment, creating products for friends, family and colleagues until the demand was too high to treat it as a part time hobby any further and she set about setting up the company full time to fulfil demand for Cake Art Masterpieces.

Each beautiful wedding cake we produce is a handmade, uniquely designed, culinary and artistic masterpiece in its own right, made to order using hand selected, locally sourced, fresh whole ingredients.
We also sell various edible handmade flowers. We are most proud of our King Protea sugar flower.
We provide cake bouquets, Cup Cake Wedding Cakes. Also miniature cakes as wedding favours.

Natasha O`Driscoll owner and cake artist brings with her, local knowledge of fine Cake Art, as well as international influences from contrasting culinary hubs such as Europe and the Middle East.
Natasha has a natural flair for art and baking, and is constantly keeping abreast of the latest advanced techniques in cake design by attending courses such as the renowned Renoir Wedding Cake Design Masterclass.